July 28-30, 2015 (online event via phone or computer)

19 top financial advisor trainers, coaches, authors, speakers and thought leaders share proven strategies and practical approaches to take your business to the next level... and beyond...

More Leads...... More Clients..... More Assets!!!!

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“Financial Advisor Success Summit”

A FREE 3-day online training event with your host Darryl Jarmosco, Business Consultant/Coach for financial advisors, plus 19 financial service trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders who have helped thousands of financial advisors get more leads, more clients, operate more efficiently, sell more product and gather more assets to be managed. Now they’re going to teach you…. for FREE.

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This online event is July 28-30, 2015

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Can you see the future? Generating tons of leads, clients, selling more investment products, and gathering more assets to manage. Setting up systems that run on autopilot so you can travel the world, work when you want, save for retirement, and put money away for the children (and grandchildren) college funds. Working hard, yet still having time to watch the kid’s baseballs games and theater productions. And all while bringing home superior income to support your lifestyle and family.

However, for too many financial advisors, that hope is a pipe dream. Instead of working around your life, you’re living around your work. Meeting with unmotivated clients/prospects around in the evenings and possibly during weekends. Meeting with clients who are thinking about using a robo-adviser. Sacrificing your relationships and your health for your financial advisory business.

Time for a change! I’ve gathered the top trainers who have solutions to this backward approach. Ways for you to turn things around and make your financial advisory business work for your lifestyle. It’s time to regain control of your mind and the world around you. It’s time to make advising fun again…and very, very profitable.

I’m going to personally interview each one of these amazing financial advisor trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought influencers. I’m going to dig deep into their top strategies for how to get:

  • More Leads by attracting your ideal clients through effective, proven prospecting and marketing techniques.
  • More Clients by using easy-to-master scripts, dialogs, objection handling, and cutting-edge lead conversion.
  • More Investable Assets by implementing easy-to-follow tracking, checklists, software, and automation systems.
  • And MUCH more!

These are high-value interviews … you can’t find these trainers sharing these specific strategies and tactics anywhere else in this unique and easy to understand way. We’re going to dig deep into the HOW (not the WHAT). We’re going to get all the details and figure out EXACTLY how their systems work.

There’s a reason why the fastest-growing, highest-producing, financial advisors are investing heavily right now to learn the best strategies and systems to get their work done faster and more efficiently. FREEDOM!

So if you’re ready to join me and these top financial service trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders and take your business to the next level, simply enter your name and email address top right corner of this webpage. You’ll reserve your free seat and gain access to this incredible virtual event. Remember, you can join us live via phone or computer for FREE (plus you’ll have 24 hours after each session to listen to the recordings). So sign up today and mark your calendar.

This online event is July 28-30, 2015